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Writing a scientific paper is different from the assignments you have written previously. Scientific papers usually have an Abstract, Introduction, Methods Section, Results Section, Discussion, Acknowledgements, and Literature Cited Section. This structure is unfamiliar for many students and can create stress. Don't worry, our scientific paper writing service has experts available to help at every step.

  • Abstracts In Scientific Research  Papers
    The abstract is a summary of the work which contains a clear and concise overview of the purpose, methods used, results obtained, and the conclusions drawn. It is often read alone, while deciding whether a study might be useful, so it needs to contain your best work. It is usually helpful to write the rest of the scientific research  papers first and come back to the abstract.
  • The Introduction
    The introduction is quite different from the abstract. It introduces the author's research question and hypothesis and provides a little background information on the topic. The introduction is usually short, but it sets up the rest of the work.
  • Methods And Results
    In scientific paper writing, the methods and results are the most important parts of the manuscript. The methods section tells the reader what experiments were done and how the data was collected. The results section gives the data and analyzes it. This section may include graphs and tables to make the data easier to understand.
  • The Discussion
    The discussion section contains your interpretation of the data and how it is important. It can also suggest how it relates to other studies and present arguments to overcome opposing opinions. It might suggest areas to be studied in the future.
  • Acknowledgements And Literature Cited
    The Acknowledgements and Literature Cited sections are straightforward. They are about acknowledging those who have helped in any way and the literature cited in the scientific term paper.

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Most science majors are familiar with the style of scientific research paper writing, but those new to the subject may be overwhelmed. Fortunately, there are many experts online to help you with your science writing. These are just a few of the resources available:

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